10 Features You Can Get in a Live Chat Service for Free

We’ve talked about the different features a live chat service must have in one of our previous articles. Customer service and the live chat in your support is definitely one of the most important ways in which you keep in contact with your customers. So, it is essential that the platform you are using is something that you love. And what everyone loves the most is what you can get for free, right? 


It is extremely difficult to find the right live chat service that will give you the most features at the most cost-effective price possible. Now, I want to make the job of searching a little easier for you. I’ll tell you about the service that offers the most comprehensive features in the live chat. And the best part is, that these are all for free. 


At SAAS First, you can take advantage of 10 different features in your live chat, to take your customer service to the next level. Let’s see what these are. 


10 features of a live chat for free


Customization of Live Chat


We all know how important looks are, which is why we made sure that you can customize the appearance of your live chat to your preferences without any cost. This allows you to have a chat on your website that is for one, very, effective, and it also looks great and matches your brand and your business. 


With the customization feature, you can make sure that consistency is not only the pillar of your operations but also your appearance. 



Sending Unread Messages in Emails


It can happen that the customer doesn’t notice the response you sent immediately, or the agent is not able to answer the incoming message right after the customer contacted, and in these cases, it would be counterproductive to expect the customer to wait for an answer and stay on the platform for whoever knows how long. 


SAAS First’s feature ensures that all unread messages go out to customers in emails as well. This way, you always know that your solutions are delivered to the people who contacted you, without them having to wait in one place for an answer. 



The AI-Powered Chatbot 


Milly, our AI-powered chatbot helps with customers at the initial stages of the conversations, It can either answer common questions the customer may ask based on the knowledge base you provide it with or can alert the customer that their issue is going to be handled by an agent if they want to report anything. 


Either way, the start of the communication is completely automated, ensuring immediate answers, and setting any expectations for future issue resolutions by the agents. 



Chatbot Learning from the Help Center


SAAS First’s Help Center has many purposes. First, it acts as a resource full of information for those customer who want to find answers for themselves. And second, it is also the knowledge base of the AI Chatbot, Milly. 


This means that the more articles, and the more information you put into the Help Center, the better Milly will be able to answer customers. What is more, the learning process is instant, meaning that if you update any of your articles in the Help Center, Milly learns the new information, and will be able to include it in its messages. 



Training the AI Chatbot


I’ve mentioned in the previous section that the chatbot learns from the Help Center articles, however, you can always train it to give better answers and try out different questions to see how it responds. 


If you are unsatisfied with the results, you can update the relevant article section right from the training platform, or create custom snippets to tell the AI chatbot what to answer to different questions or queries. 



AI Rewording Feature for Professional Messages


Writing a professional message to customers can take up a significant amount of time on the agent’s job. With the AI Reword feature, this time can be reduced remarkably. 


All you have to do is jot down your thoughts, and the most basic information you want to include in the message, and with the help of AI, you can create professional-looking, right-toned, polite messages with just a couple of clicks in seconds. 



Access To Previous Conversations and Customer Data


This might seem a bit trivial at first, but believe me, having access to previous conversations and customer data about a specific customer can be a lifesaver when you are trying to solve their problem. Past interactions and data on the pages they visited can hold valuable information about where exactly the customer is in their customer journey, whether they experienced something similar before, or had other issues in connection with the current situation. 


Accessibility to past conversations and every customer data you can collect is a must in a live chat environment. They provide valuable information and a chance to resolve problems faster. 



Seeing Related Customers In the Conversation


If many people register to your service or your website from the same company, it’s great they came from the same place. Maybe these accounts are related in some way, utilizing your service in a similar way, or having the same billing details. 


In SAAS First’s Live Chat, you can see if specific people are related to each other, and you can treat them as such, as a group. This also helps investigations, if there are any issues, and offers an insight into your customers’ backgrounds. 



Extensive List of Integrations


In customer service, the best way to make sure people can reach you, and feel comfortable contacting you is by offering them different channels that they can write to you on. For that, you need integrations within your live chat. 


SAAS First offers integrations with WhatsApp, Facebook Pages, Text Messages (SMS), and Telegram, making sure that your customer can reach you wherever they want to, and all incoming messages are received within one omnichannel inbox for better message management. 



Access to the Ticket Module


When your customers contact you from the live chat and report an issue, it’s offen to the responsible team who can solve the problem. For that, you create tickets. 


What is great about SAAS First’s service is that you can create tickets right from the inbox, see the messages your customers sent, check any updates on the tickets, and keep track of the issues for better issue resolution and convenient ticket handling. 





In summary, SAAS First’s live chat offers an extensive number of features in its service. Starting from the AI Chatbot for fast replies, the training of the chatbot, having access to customers’ data and past interactions, to numerous integrations, and finally, the ticketing system handling from the inbox. 


And the best part? All of these features, making sure your customer support is as fast, convenient, and efficient as possible, are free. Who wouldn’t want to take advantage of that? 

Csilla Fehér
Csilla Fehér
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