AI Chatbot, the 24/7, Real-Time Agent for Your Business

SAAS First's AI Chatbot, Milly, represents a great advancement in customer service technology. Using ChatGPT4, our AI Chatbot, Milly, offers 24/7 customer engagement, multilingual support, and customizable features tailored to your brand. Milly ensures rapid, accurate responses to customer inquiries, enhancing both customer satisfaction and your business's operational workflow.


Benefits of AI Chatbots in Customer Services


Enhance your customer engagement and operational efficiency with 24/7 availability, real-time responses, advanced AI technology, and customization options; it is an innovative yet cost-effective solution for businesses.


Benefits of AI chatbot


1. Provide 24/7 Availability and Efficient Workflow


Our AI chatbot, Milly, is available at all times to answer your customers' queries in real-time. No matter when your customers reach out for support or information, they will always receive an immediate response. 


Milly is available to answer large amounts of incoming messages simultaneously, in real-time. This ensures that customers receive responses to their queries as soon as possible and customer support agents have the time and energy to handle more strategic tasks. 



2. Match Your Brand Style and Provide Multilingual Support  


Our AI Chatbot is fully customizable, including the look of the chat and its name according to your specific business needs. You can tailor the chatbot to match the feel and look of your brand perfectly. 


No matter what language your customers speak and interact in with your business, SAAS First’s AI Chatbot can answer in the language the customers contacted you in. This ensures great communication efficiency and even greater customer satisfaction in your customer support. 



3. Use the Latest Technology and Save Costs With Pay-Per-Success Pricing 


Our AI Chatbot is powered by the technology of ChatGPT4, ensuring that you stay at the forefront when it comes to providing excellent customer service. The chatbot can be trained and improved to give customers the best responses possible. 


At SAAS First, you only pay for the successful interactions AI handles. This fair pricing ensures that you won't be charged if a customer's query is not fully answered. It’s a cost-effective solution designed to provide the best support possible while keeping your expenses in check.

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Key Features of Milly, the AI-Powered Chatbot


SAAS First’s AI Chatbot is available 24/7, answering customer messages in real-time, within a couple of seconds, and with great accuracy. One of the key features of the chatbot is that it can be trained to give customers better answers in the future. 


  • Help Center articles are the best source of information for the knowledge base of the chatbot. Write self-help articles and let Milly learn from them. Milly’s knowledge base is updated in real-time every time you update an article. 
  • You can ask Milly to crawl external websites to extract their information.
  • You also have the option to create custom snippets to add special knowledge.
  • In the Train Milly section, you can test any questions your customers would ask to see whether you are happy with Milly’s answer. If you think it could be improved, you can instantly edit the Help Center article or your Custom snippet or edit the external resource and re-crawl your page.


To ensure that Milly is answering the messages correctly, you can continue to train it while it’s in the works. Every time Milly couldn’t answer a question, it goes into a pool of unanswered questions. If you are unhappy with one of Milly’s responses, you can mark it as ‘improvement needed”. 


In the Train Milly section, you can test the unanswered or “improvement needed” questions and update the knowledge base until you are satisfied with the responses.


The AI Chatbot, Milly is powered by ChatPGT4, one of the latest conversational AI technologies. Thus, it can work in any language, providing multilingual support for the customer based on the language the customer starts interacting in. 


Customization & Implementation


At SAAS First, you can fully customize the AI Chatbot, including its name and all custom messages. This is especially great for non-English businesses wanting to use AI in their customer support. 


Implementing AI Chatbot for your business:


  1. The best way to train her is by writing a Help Center full of useful articles on your business. 
  2. You can test whether it answers questions correctly in the Train Milly section and finetune its responses if needed. 
  3. Turn on the AI Chatbot to answer customer queries. 
  4. Regularly check and see if it needs any further training. 


Availability & Pricing


Milly is available on all of our plans, 100 AI solutions are included for free. Any further AI solutions cost only $0.49. 


For the AI chatbot, we only charge you for successfully resolved conversations. E.g.


  • If the customer has ten questions, and Milly can reply to every single one and has no further questions, it costs only $0.49.
  • If the customer has any questions that Milly cannot answer, we don’t charge you for that conversation even if ten questions were answered successfully before.
  • If the customer asks to be transferred to an agent, we don’t charge you for that conversation either. 


We consider a conversation successfully resolved if the customer expresses that they don’t have any further questions or doesn't reply for 2 hours.

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Internal & External Integrations


Integrates seamlessly with:


  • Chat
  • WhatsApp
  • Facebook Pages
  • Text messages


This means that it doesn’t matter whether customers contact you on any of these platforms; Milly will be able to give them answers accordingly. In addition, the AI chatbot also provides data for “Reply with Milly”, the function for replying to any messages, including complex emails with AI, in just a couple of seconds. 

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