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SAAS First’s Live Chat function allows you to set up your chat through various channels, including your website, WhatsApp, Facebook Pages, and text messages. The more channels your customers can reach you, the more they will engage with your business. 


Let’s see the features of our Live Chat that will allow you to interact with your customers in real-time, delivering replies efficiently and swiftly. 



Benefits of the Multichannel Live Chat


SAAS First's Live Chat service is the ultimate solution for businesses looking to enhance customer engagement and operational efficiency. Experience AI learning, seamless integration of various communication channels into a single inbox, easy customization options, and valuable data collection capabilities. 


benefits of live chat


1. Match Your Brand Identity and Improve Operational Efficiency 


Our Live Chat is completely customizable, so you can ensure that every customer interaction aligns with your brand's look and feel. This strengthens your brand identity and gives you a matching aesthetic. 


You can manage your incoming messages with ease without missing anything, as they come into one single place from different platforms:


  • Your website chat
  • Emails
  • Whatsapp 
  • Facebook Pages
  • Or text messages. 


2. Boost Customer Satisfaction and Collect Data for Your CRM  


The Live Chat also guarantees improved customer satisfaction, as:


  • They can reach you through several channels, making it easy for them to contact you, 
  • Our AI-powered solution delivers answers for them with 24/7 availability, 
  • And they receive prompt follow-ups when they report an issue or have a question. 

SAAS First collects important visitor data such as location, pages visited, on-site behavior, and more. This way, we enable businesses to enhance their CRM strategies, leading to improved conversion rates and higher ROI. 


3. Streamline Customer Support and Increase Your Customer Engagement Rate


Our Live Chat promotes self-help options for customers, which, in turn, reduces the workload of your support team. Customers can find answers for themselves as they are provided with links to Help Center articles, or our AI-driven solution can answer their questions. 

SAAS First’s Live Chat ensures that you have an increased customer engagement rate. Unread chat messages are sent out via emails to customers, and marketing emails are also included in the chat, making sure that your messages reach your audience for sure. 



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Watch a short video on how AI-driven customer support chatbot works on multiple plantforms.

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Key Features of Live Chat


Our Live Chat is fully customizable, so you can match it to your brand in how it looks and feels. It offers a chance for customers to choose between two categories when contacting you:


  • They can either choose to ask a question, which will go to the AI-driven functionality that delivers answers to them instantly. 
  • Or, they can report an error, where they will be given a generated ticket number letting them know that their issue is being handled, and the conversation is transferred to a human agent, who can better resolve the problem. 


The Live Chat can search for relevant Help Center articles, making it easy for customers to find what they want. In addition, our AI-powered chat can also learn from the Help Center articles to answer queries better.


Finally, the Live Chat gives you all the necessary information to answer any incoming message, including previous messages and conversations from the customer and important visitor data, such as location, visited pages, or on-site behavior.

Customization & Implementation


Implementing the Live Chat is extremely easy and can be completed in just a few minutes. You can send customer data through the chat and fill out the CRM with that information. Plus, the look and feel of the Live Chat is completely customizable to ensure brand consistency for your business. 



Availability & Pricing


SAAS First offers a 100% free chat service for your website. It is available in all of our plans. In our Advanced plan, you can take advantage of the most extra features, including:


  • Integrations with WhatsApp, Facebook Pages, and Text Messages (SMS)
  • Saved Replies and Notes
  • AI customization and rewording
  • And AI learning from external resources. 


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Internal & External Integrations


SAAS First’s Live Chat works seamlessly with Milly, our AI-powered chatbot, so your customers get instant answers regardless of the channel they use to contact you. All the incoming messages from the chat come to one inbox, including from the website chat, WhatsApp, Facebook Pages, and SMS. 


It also integrates with the Help Center, making browsing articles from the chat possible. In addition, we have integrations with WhatsApp, Facebook Pages, text messages, and emails to ensure your customers can reach you through various channels depending on their needs. 

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