Boost Online Customer Engagement with Data & AI Solutions

Increase your customers' engagement with SAAS First’s AI and Data Solutions. Resolve 70% of conversations without human interaction and reply to business emails effortlessly.

Real AI for Customer Support and Sales

Say goodbye to fake AI claims and hello to real, innovative technology for customer support and sales. With SaasFirst, you get the benefits of true AI integration, delivering unbeatable efficiency and results. Our advanced AI algorithms and cutting-edge machine learning technology set us apart from the competition, ensuring that you have the best possible experience for your customers and sales team.

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Enhance Customer Experience with Saas First

To Be Your Number One!

We want to be the first choice for small and medium SaaS companies! We use smart tech to give you everything you need in one place. This helps you make smart choices, work more easily, and grow faster. And we promise to always be open and honest.

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Transparent & Fair Pricing

Enjoy fair pricing with us! We offer unlimited access for team members and customers at low prices. It’s built for scale, aiming to grow with you. Experience a transparent, affordable solution designed for every stage of your business journey.

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AI-Driven Customer Support

Provide instant, smart help 24/7 with our conversational AI! It answers your customers’ questions in real-time, making sure they get the info they need fast and easily. Are you ready for smoother, smarter support?

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Better Conversations in One Place

Keep every interaction, be it chats, emails, or CRM, organized in one handy place! This central hub allows you to respond swiftly and effectively, addressing your customers’ needs without delay. Create seamless conversations and ensuring that your customers feel heard and valued.

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Advanced Marketing, Increased Engagement

Connect with your customers in more ways! Use chat, pop-ups, email, and notifications. This helps you talk more with your customers and understand them better, which is great for your business.

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Customizable Customer Management

Customizable action buttons, enabling you to interact with your own database and make changes to your customers' accounts, giving you the flexibility to manage your customers the way you want.

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Answer Customer Questions with ChatGPT

Answer 70% of Customer Questions in Real-Time with ChatGPT on chat, WhatsApp, Facebook Pages, Text messages or emails!

Streamline Customer Communication with Inbox

Messages In One Place

Inbox combines all customer messages from different channels into one location, making it easier for you to manage their interactions.

Advanced Message Management

You can snooze messages for later, close cases or replies directly from the inbox, and have access to the customer's browsing history and main data.

Real-time Customer Insights

You can see if the customer is logged in and authenticated, as well as if their messages are read, providing real-time insights into customer interactions.

Customer Account Management

You can take custom actions on customer accounts, making it possible to fully manage customers from within the inbox.

AI-Powered Customer Support

Get real-time answers to customer queries via AI integration. Streamline your support process and deliver exceptional service.

Boost Your Marketing Strategy with Saas First's Marketing Module

Boost your customer engagement and reach your marketing goals with our Marketing Module, offering personalized campaigns, scheduling, and real-time analytics.

Reach Your Ideal Customer Segment Effortlessly

Our marketing module allows you to target specific audience segments based on customer values in your CRM or their actions on your website. This way, you can ensure that your campaigns are reaching the right people, at the right time, with the right message.

Maximize Engagement with Customizable Notifications

With Saas First marketing module, you can send customized notifications including pop-up, chat, email, and browser push notifications. This allows you to tailor your messages to your audience and increase the chances of engagement.

Track Your Success and Achieve Your Marketing Goals

Our marketing module allows you to set and track specific goals for each campaign. This way, you can measure the success of your marketing efforts and make data-driven decisions for future campaigns.

Maximize Your Reach

Maximize your reach with Saas First's marketing module, reach customers through multiple channels, with the flexibility to switch between channels as needed. Increase your visibility, and drive more conversions.

Empower Your Customers with Self-Service Support

With the Saas First Help Center, you can provide your customers with quick and easy answers to their questions. Our Help Center allows you to create comprehensive articles with text, images, videos, and links, all organized into folders for easy navigation. The customizable layout and the ability to publish to your own domain means that your Help Center will seamlessly integrate into your existing brand, providing a seamless experience for your customers.

Centralize Your Customer Interactions with Saas First CRM

Our CRM module provides a comprehensive solution for managing all aspects of customer interactions, including leads, deals, and customer accounts. With real-time insights, you can track and prioritize leads, manage deals and pipeline, and track customer interactions and history. The centralized location of the CRM allows for easy and efficient management of all customer interactions and data, providing you with the tools to improve customer satisfaction and drive growth.