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    AI-First Help Desk to Deliver 
    Exceptional CX

    Grow with a simple all-in-one SaaS by becoming effective and successful in customer relations.

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    All-in-One Help Desk
    for the Best Customer Experience

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    AI Working for You

    Let AI manage your customer interactions seamlessly, delivering instant responses and giving you more time to focus on core tasks.

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    Understand Your Customers

    Gain deeper insights into your customers with real-time data and analytics. Make informed decisions and increase your customer engagement.

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    Save Money

    Save money with our Help Desk, offering all features completely free to aid your customer support without any additional costs.

    Help Desk

    Free Help Desk that Maximizes Customer Experience

    • Tick signAccess all Help Desk features and options without any charges.
    • Tick signSimplify and improve communication with your support team and make it easier and more effective for your customers.
    • Tick signCollect and store unlimited data to deeply understand customer behavior and preferences.
    More about Help Desk
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    Marketing campaigns

    Turn Visitors Into Repeated Customers

    • Tick signConnect with your target audience effectively by delivering the right message at the right time.
    • Tick signEffortlessly set and track campaign goals in real-time to monitor performance.
    • Tick signUse reporting tools to determine key actions and events driving your campaign’s success.
    • Tick signEnhance engagement by displaying your marketing campaigns across multiple channels.
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    Collaborate with Your Team in Project Management

    • Tick signNever Miss a To Do Again. Every issue can be logged and resolved, so no To Do goes unnoticed.
    • Tick signSimplify your workflow, create tasks with ease, and track your project management from beginning to end.
    • Tick signIncrease productivity through easy cross-team collaboration. Make it even more efficient to work together and accomplish your objectives.
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    Meet Milly - our chatbot

    Work smarter and grow your business with AI

    Real AI for Customer Support and Sales

    SAAS First's AI Chatbot, Milly, represents a great advancement in customer service technology. Milly offers 24/7 customer engagement, multilingual support, and customizable features tailored to your brand.

    It ensures rapid, accurate responses to customer inquiries, enhancing both customer satisfaction and your business's operational workflow.

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    Boost Your Efficiency and Productivity with AI Responses

    Using artificial intelligence, our service allows you to answer complex business emails in just 10 seconds. This technology saves you time and ensures that all incoming messages are responded to immediately and accurately.

    This also means that with our AI response feature, you can focus on more critical tasks while letting the system handle routine customer inquiries for you.

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    Use AI to Help Manage Inbound Customer Support Tickets

    Our AI solutions include an opportunity for you to not only create tasks from the Inbox, but also let AI write you the description of the task. Based on the conversation details, the description is generated by AI.

    This way, you don’t have to spend time on entering every single detail. Half of the task creation is already done for you!

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    CEO Tamas Ham Szabo with Forbes member's badge

    12 years of Experience in SaaS

    Our CEO, Tamas is a member of Forbes Councils, an invitation-only, professional organization.

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