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    Reply to Customer Emails with AI in 5 Seconds

    Answer emails with SAAS First’s Reply with Milly function, which crafts compelling and professional responses in just 10 seconds. Efficient, multilingual, and it enhances your team’s productivity.


    Focus on Only the Content, Not the Words

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    You don’t have to search for the information and craft the messages, AI will take of the work and make sure you can answer complex emails in 15 seconds.

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    No more mistakes of copying broken links, typos, or inaccurate data. AI always gives the most precise answers in emails.

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    Brand consistency

    You can answer emails as your brand requires, including language, formality, length, humor, and much more.

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    Key features

    Answer Emails with AI Effortlessly

    • Tick signYou can use the Reply with Milly function to respond to incoming messages just by entering a few quick notes.
    • Tick signYou can even enter these notes including misspellings and typos, or use very simple or even a different language.
    • Tick signMilly will transform your notes into a nicely worded message that aligns with your brand voice.

    Key features

    Retain Full Control Over Your Answers at All Times

    You can decide whether or not to use the message crafted by AI or based on the preview. You can send it immediately or edit the reply and make any changes.

    AI will craft the messages based on your setup on:

    • Tick signThe language of the message
    • Tick signThe level of Formality, Empathy, Humor, Positivity, Technicality
    • Tick signAnd response length.

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