Improve Customer Satisfaction with Omnichannel Inbox

SAAS First’s Omnichannel Inbox helps businesses deliver exceptional customer service with ease. Our solution ensures that all your messages go to one single place, where they can be managed smoothly and answered without exception. 


Let’s see the features of our Omnichannel Inbox that guarantee support that is effective and as easy as it can be. 


Omnichannel inbox


Benefits of the Omnichannel Inbox


The Omnichannel Inbox is an all-in-one customer engagement solution designed to streamline workflows, enhance productivity and improve customer satisfaction. With features like AI-driven responses, intelligent search functionality and complete customization options, this platform offers businesses a comprehensive tool for managing multi-channel communications effectively.


Whether you're looking to save time with automated responses or gain valuable insights from integrated CRM data - our service has got you covered!


1. Never Miss a Message and Create an Efficient Workflow for Your Team


As all your incoming messages from different channels, like 


  • your chat, email, 
  • Whatsapp,
  • Facebook pages, 
  • and text messages,


go to one single place, you don’t have to switch between several platforms. This way, you can make sure that all messages get answered, and you never miss a single customer conversation. 


Our Omnichannel Inbox allows your team members to assign specific messages to each other or different teams, making sure the conversation goes to the most relevant agents. This way, the right person handles each customer query promptly and accurately - enhancing your team's productivity and improving customer satisfaction levels.


2. Respond Quickly With Saved Replies And Milly while Crafting Professional Emails 


Our Saved Replies feature lets you craft quick responses for common queries. 'Reply with Milly' provides an efficient way of handling even complex incoming messages using artificial intelligence. 


Crafting visually appealing messages has never been easier! Impress your customers with well-formatted communications by editing HTML emails & creating professional email signatures. 


3. Gain Valuable Insights From Customer Data


Within each conversation, you can see relevant customer details coming directly from the CRM and visiting history integrated into the inbox. This comprehensive overview allows you to answer queries as precisely as possible and make informed business decisions based on data. 


In addition to this, with Custom Actions, you can take any action with the help of API in any of your systems. All customer accounts can be managed just from within the inbox. 



4. Stay Organized With Intelligent Search


Our AI-powered search allows you to find any conversation you are looking for even if you don’t remember the exact words from the messages. You only need to search for synonyms or relevant words, and we’ll find the conversations you are seeking just in seconds. 


Overall, with our Omnichannel Inbox, your agents never have to leave the inbox to handle all aspects of your customers’ needs. 



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Key Features


Handling conversations has never been easier with our automatic assignment system for emails, agent or team assignments for each message, displayed customer data from our CRM, viewable related customers from the same company, and disclosed visitor history. 


  • You can manage customer accounts and take any action with Custom Actions from within the inbox with an API connection. 
  • The Inbox offers a comprehensive overview of Open and Resolved conversations. This way, you can see which messages need to be dealt with and which ones don’t require further actions from the team. 
  • You can edit HTML emails to format and send great-looking emails to your customers every time and create professional email signatures. 
  • With Saved Replies, you can save custom messages you often need and craft answers quickly. 
  • The AI-powered search allows you to find messages from the past. This intelligent search finds conversations based on only synonyms or relevant information you provide it with. 
  • Finally, our Reply with Milly function, an AI-driven functionality, crafts replies to incoming messages, including complex emails, in just 10 seconds. 


Customization & Implementation


  • It takes less than 1 minute to set up our live chat, WhatsApp, or Facebook Pages. 
  • For incoming emails, you need to set up email forwarding. 
  • Our live chat is fully customizable to ensure its look and feel align with your brand at all times. 


Availability & Pricing


Our Omnichannel Inbox is available in all of our plans, including our free plan as well. This means you can get the live chat on your website for free!



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Internal & External Integrations


The Omnichannel Inbox links well with many other models, such as our AI-powered solution, Milly, ensuring answers to customer questions in real-time, 24/7 for complex emails and chat messages as well. 


It also links well with our CRM, making sure the customer data needed for precise answers is also available in the inbox. The Inbox links with event tracking, too, to provide you with contact website actions. It integrates with the custom actions functionality allowing you to take action in external sources.


And finally, you can have 


  • live chat, 
  • email, 
  • WhatsApp, 
  • Facebook Pages, 
  • or text messages set up for your customers to reach you. 

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