Multichannel Marketing Campaigns within Your CRM

SAAS First's Marketing Campaigns module offers an innovative, all-in-one platform designed to elevate your marketing strategies. This all-around tool integrates seamlessly into your business, catering to every aspect of your marketing communication requirements.



Benefits of the Marketing Module


Our platform is a comprehensive solution that streamlines your marketing efforts across multiple channels, automates campaigns for increased efficiency, and drives engagement through personalized targeting. It also enhances email deliverability with an automated verification feature, ensuring always-clean email lists. 


Marketing Campaigns are a single platform that fulfills all your marketing communication needs. This comprehensive solution allows you to answer incoming messages with:


  • AI, where responses are crafted in 10 seconds, even to complex emails.
  • Or manually, where you can write your response to any message. 


Marketing Campaings



1. Simplify Marketing Across Multiple Channels and Drive Engagement


You can create outbound campaigns to reach your audience through diverse channels, including email, chat, or popup messages. This will simplify your marketing campaign creation process and ensure consistency in the messaging. 


With Marketing Campaigns, you can always reach the right people at the right time. Our system allows you to hyper-target campaigns based on various customer data and behavior, making reaching your audience with perfect timing using automated and drip campaigns even easier. The more effectively you can target your marketing campaigns, the higher your engagement rates will get. 



2.  Increase the Open Rates & Measure the Success


Your success is measurable within Marketing Campaigns, as you can set specific goals you want to achieve with each campaign. The detailed reports will provide valuable insights into the success of your marketing efforts. 

With our Marketing Campaigns, you can achieve a higher customer engagement rate than anywhere else. 


  • Chat messages that haven’t been read are also sent out via email. 
  • Email marketing messages are visible in the chat when customers log into the platform. 


This way, you can reach a higher open rate, resulting in higher customer engagement. 



3. Boost Email Deliverability With Automated Verification


Our automated email verification service ensures your messages are sent to valid recipients with an always clean email list. We reduce the chances of bounced emails, resulting in better engagement and higher open rates. 



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Key Features


SAAS First offers a multichannel marketing platform, allowing you to send messages via email, chat and popup messages. 


Depending on your marketing goals and efforts, you can craft one-time or automated/drip campaigns. You can also target these campaigns based on customer data or customer behavior, such as: 


  • The pages they visited
  • The amount of time they spent on the page
  • The geolocation of the customers
  • Or the actions they carried out, which means you can track any event that you consider important from a marketing perspective. 


We also offer a comprehensive report on your marketing campaigns' open- and click-tracking. In addition to this, we offer an automated email verification feature to make sure that your email lists are always clean and your emails are always deliverable. 



Customization & Implementation


You have the option to set up custom email sending. This way, you can always reach your audience from the right account. The replies you receive from your customers will all go to the Omnichannel Inbox, making sure that no message gets lost or unanswered. 


As for the look of your campaigns, you can use our base template or upload any HTML email template to customize the appearance. 


Availability & Pricing


The Marketing Campaigns module is only available in our Advanced plan.



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Internal & External Integrations


Our Marketing Campaigns module integrates with


  • Our Live Chat 
  • Our Omnichannel Inbox 
  • Our event tracking feature that can be used for future hyper-targeting of campaigns 
  • And an automated email verification service for data hygiene that ensures your email lists are kept clean at all times. 

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