All-in-One Help Desk Solution for Online Businesses

SAAS First’s Help Desk is a comprehensive toolset including an omnichannel inbox, AI-powered assistance, ticketing system, and customizable features, all aimed at enhancing customer engagement, team collaboration, and overall satisfaction.


Benefits of an All-in-One Help Desk


SAAS First set a new standard for how you interact with your customers. We offer a comprehensive suite of tools that streamline operations, boost productivity, enhance collaboration among team members, and improve customer satisfaction rates. 


With features like omnichannel communication, AI-powered assistance from Milly, customization options, and targeted conversations based on user behavior, SAAS First ensures an efficient and personalized Help Desk for your support. 

All-in-one Help Desk Solution



1. Collect Everything in One Inbox and Boost Customer Engagement 


It doesn’t matter where customers contact your business; SAAS First collects all incoming messages into one single inbox. Our platform is designed to manage customer communications across multiple channels and create and update tickets within the inbox itself, So everything is made easy and efficient for you.


Our Omnichannel Inbox integrates chat, email, and social media platforms so you can engage with your customers more effectively. This ensures consistent communication regardless of the channel they choose, ultimately resulting in improved customer satisfaction rates.

2. Use AI-Powered Assistance and Foster Team Collaboration


Our AI Chatbot, Milly, can learn from Help Center articles and other external resources as well. It provides real-time responses 24/7 for your customers in various languages and understands the context of messages. This way, you can improve your support’s response times and provide up-to-date information for your customers at all hours.

You can assign conversations or tasks among team members, which fosters collaboration among customer support agents. With this feature, your team can work together on resolving issues or answering queries efficiently. 

3. Customize According to Your Brand and Initiate Targeted Conversations 


You have complete control over how you want your Help Center interface to look like. You can customize it according to match brand needs so there is consistency across all your different platforms. 


You can send targeted emails or chat messages based on account details or actions your customers take on your website. This helps in initiating meaningful conversations and highly personalized marketing campaigns. 



Watch in Action

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Key Features of SAAS First Help Desk


With several modules interacting, SAAS First serves as a seamless all-in-one Help Desk Software. 


We have a Help Center Module, where you can write help articles that:


    • Your customers can browse or search to find answers to their problems,
    • Document how your software and company work,
    • Are the main knowledge base for Milly, our AI-powered Chatbot. You can train and keep Milly up-to-date with your articles. If you want to train Milly, this is the best way to do it. 


Organize your articles into folders, which are the so-called categories, and within a category, you can create sections for better organization of your articles. Customize the look and feel to match your brand needs, for example, the color, logo, or favicon of your Help Center.


The publicly available Help Center can be either hosted on a SAAS First website, or you can just create a DNS record so that it can be hosted on your subdomain to further improve your brand consistency. To write your articles, you have a rich text editor, where you can format your articles, and include images and videos.


In our Omnichannel Inbox Module:


  • Multiple channels are connected to the same inbox. It means all messages, including chat, email, WhatsApp, Facebook Pages, and text messages, are coming to one platform for better communication management. 
  • You can assign conversations to teams or teammates to collaborate on an issue or customer question. 
  • The chat you install on your website integrates with the Help Center so that customers can also search and browse the articles within the chat. 


You also have the option to answer customers with AI:


  • Our AI-driven chatbot, called Milly, can learn from the Help Center articles you write and from other external resources as well. 
  • All of the information Milly learns is kept up-to-date, as every time you save a Help Center article, it updates Milly's knowledge base, so you always provide accurate information to your customers. 
  • The AI-driven chatbot can answer most customer questions in real-time 24/7. It understands the context of the incoming messages and can answer in different languages depending on how customers communicate with it. 
  • You can even reply to complex incoming emails with the help of AI in less than 10 seconds using the Reply with Milly function. 


We also have a Ticket Module coming soon in SAAS First. Here, you can create a back-office ticket right within the inbox. 


  • Once a ticket is updated, you will receive a notification in the inbox. This allows you to stay up-to-date with the ticket progress and you can keep your customers updated on the status of their issue. 
  • You can also link customers or conversations to tickets. This way, even if it takes a long time to complete the specific task on the ticket, for example, if it’s a large new feature, you can simply notify the customers who are interested in them.


You can carry out custom actions via API

  • Set up any API calls and your agents can take actions right within the inbox in any external system. This allows the agents to manage customers' accounts from the inbox. 


With SAAS First’s CRM & Marketing Module, you can: 


  • Initiate a conversation with the right customers.
  • Send them targeted emails or chat messages based on their account details or actions on your website.

Customization & Implementation


You can customize the look of your Help Center and Live to match your brand appearance and ensure consistency. 


You can fully customize the AI Chatbot, Milly, as well, including its name and all the custom messages you set up for it. Its training is also extremely easy, with real-time updates on its knowledge base from the Help Center articles. 



Availability & Pricing


SAAS First’s Help Center, AI Chatbot, and Omnichannel Inbox are available in all of our plans, including our free plan. 


However, some extra features can be only accessed from our Advanced Plan, such as: 


  • Our AI Chatbot is learning from external resources. 
  • External integrations of the Omnichannel Inbox, including WhatsApp, Facebook Pages, and SMS. 


Milly is available on all of our plans. 100 AI solutions are included for free. Any further AI solutions cost only $0.49. 



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Internal & External Integrations


The Help Desk integrates with:

  • The Help Center Module, including all of the articles in there.
  • The Omnichannel Inbox Module 
  • Our AI Chatbot, Milly, learning from the Help Center articles 
  • The Ticket Module, where you can create tickets right from the Omnichannel Inbox
  • Our CRM and Marketing Modules, where customer data can be used for initiating personalized and targeted communications. 
  • And finally, it integrates with different communication channels, including live chat, email, WhatsApp, Facebook Pages, or text messages set up for your customers to reach you. 

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