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Growing Business
$9 /Month
2 member(s) and unlimited active customer(s) and 100 AI solutions included
$5 for 1 members
$0.19 for 1 AI solution
Advanced Business
$19 /Month
10 member(s) and unlimited active customer(s) and 100 AI solutions included
$10 for 5,000 active customers in email marketing
$0.59 for 1 AI solution
$5 for 1 member


Chat with your customers in real-time.
Chat Customization
Customize the look and elements of your chat.
Chat Widgets
Add widgets to your chat, such as search in help.
inc. for 6 months
Send Unread Chat in Email
If the customer didn't read your chat reply, send them an email automatically.
Reply to incoming customer emails from the Inbox.
Saved Replies
Save often-used replies and insert them with a couple of clicks when needed.
Make notes within the conversation that the customers can't see.


Milly Answers
Milly can answer incoming chat messages.
Train Milly
Check what Milly would answer to a question and educate with custom snippets.
Learn from Help Center
Milly can learn from the help center articles.
Learn from External Resources
Milly can learn from external websites.
Automatic Re-Learning of External Resources
Milly regularly re-visits external sites and looks for changes.
Manual Re-Learning of External Resources
Let Milly know if you made a change to your external website.
AI Customization edit
AI Reword use
AI Reword Settings edit


Save Customers Automatically
Save new and update existing customer details automatically through the chat window.
Previous Conversations
See all previous conversations with each customer.
Related Accounts
See any related customers from the same company.
Use our pre-defined filters or search based on any customer value.
Custom Filter
Save custom searches.
Browsing History
See what pages your customer has visited.
Automated List Cleaning edit
Bulk Upload
inc. for 6 months
Customers export
Export customers.


Send chat campaigns to your customers.
Send popup campaigns to your customers.
Send email campaigns to your customers.
Personalize your campaigns based on any customer variable.
View important campaign statistics.
Statistics export
Export important campaign statistics.
Schedule your campaign to be sent at the right time.
Send a campaign based on custom triggers. E.g. when a page is visited.
Measure the campaign performance by setting up goals.
Dedicated IP
Dedicated IP is available for your email campaigns for $50/month.

Help Center

Categories and Articles
Create categories and articles.
Help Center Customization
Customize the look and content of your help center.
Custom Settings
Manage help center domain and GA tracking.
Collect feedback from your customers if an article was helpful.


Add Workspace Members
Add members of our team to your workspace and manage their permissions.
Set up Teams
Set up teams within your workspace and manage their permissions.
API access
Manage your workspace via API.
inc. for 6 months
Custom Actions
Create custom action buttons to pass variables to external endpoints.
inc. for 6 months