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    Top 10 AI-Powered Help Desk Solutions for Your Business

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    Calendar icon Created: 2024-02-20
    Countdown icon Updated: 2024-07-18

    Finding the right help desk solution can be a challenging task for any business. There are more and more software on the market, making it even more difficult to find the perfect choice for your organization. Without a doubt, you must be looking for a service that has AI capabilities to automate at least some of the work of customer support agents. 

    We’ve collected the top 10 AI-powered help desk solutions on the market and explained in detail what they can offer your company. Once you check them out, we are sure you will be able to make the right decision and find the one you’ve been searching for in your customer service. 

    AI-powered help desk solutions

    1. SAAS First - The Best Help Desk Solution for All Businesses

    SAAS First offers various solutions that include AI technology to ensure that team members can carry out their work efficiently and as fast as possible. From the omnichannel inbox feature to AI response to emails and AI ticketing system as well, there are plenty of chances to take advantage of this new technology for a truly life-changing workflow. 

    Let’s see the different options offering great efficiency in the help desk software. 

    First, it offers a Help Center solution where you can document how your business works, with all the necessary information your customers need in order to find answers to their questions on their own. The Help Center also acts as a knowledge base for the AI chatbot of SAAS First, Milly. Whatever you put in the articles, the chatbot can learn it, and answer to customers based on the data it finds there. 

    Second, SAAS First offers an omnichannel inbox, where multiple channels can be connected to one single platform, ensuring that agents don’t have to leave the inbox, and no messages will be left unread. The conversations can be assigned to different team members or teams, whoever is responsible for the specific issue of the customer. In addition, the chat integrates with the Help Center, so customers have the chance to search and browse through articles from the chat. 

    Third, there is a particularly interesting and not-so-ordinary feature in SAAS First is the Reply with Milly function, with which you are able to reply to emails and any message in just 10 seconds. It also works from the knowledge base, but if it cannot find the right answer to the questions from the customer, you can add small and short notes that AI will craft into professional-looking support emails. 

    And finally, there is the ticketing system, which also includes an AI function. You can create tickets in just a couple of seconds, right from the inbox, and use the AI summarizing that describes the issue by analyzing the conversation and even prioritizing or assigning the tickets to the right members. 


    • Startup: Free
    • Growing Business: $9/month
    • Advanced Business: $29/month 

    SAAS First Help Desk

    2. Freshdesk - Streamlining Support with Freddy AI

    Freshdesk also offers a unified inbox, where all incoming messages from email, phone, chat, social media, etc. are coming into one single place. 

    There is an interesting feature introduced lately, called Freddy AI. It has the ability to analyze past tickets and suggest responses and resolutions based on these. This makes the resolution process faster and easier than before. It can also offer sales insights and IT recommendations as well. 

    Other features offered by Freshdesk include call center solutions, CRM, ITSM, and marketing team functions. 


    • Free: $0 up to 10 agents
    • Growth: $15/agent/month, billed annually
    • Pro: $49/agent/month, billed annually
    • Enterprise: $79/agent/month, billed annually

    Freshdesk Help Desk Solution

    3. Zoho Desk - Enhancing Interactions with Zia, the Contextual AI

    Zoho Desk has a feature called Zia, which is a contextual AI functionality, and under this, there are many things Zia is capable of. 

    Zia communicates with customers, understands their messages, and suggests solutions to the raised problems based on the knowledge base. It can also alert the managers if there are any issues where Zia wasn’t helpful. 

    Zia can also analyze the sentiment behind the tickets, making it easier for agents to prioritize issues. What is more, it can identify what might have caused the negative sentiment. 

    Other features of Zia include auto-tagging tickets, notifications on unusual activities on the tickets, providing different statistics, and a reply assistant helping agents with suggestions from the knowledge base. 


    • Standard: €14/user/month billed annually
    • Professional: €23/user/month billed annually
    • Enterprise: €40/user/month billed annually

    Zoho Desk Help Desk Solution

    4. HelpDesk - Smart AI-Powered Ticketing for Efficient Resolutions

    HelpDesk offers an AI-powered ticketing system suitable for small- and medium-sized businesses. The ticketing process is automated with AI, which can significantly reduce the amount of time agents need to spend analyzing and resolving cases. 

    It offers an AI ticket summary function, with which you can easily access information about the subject, the major issues, the solution stage, and suggested next steps. 

    It can also help you in setting the tone for your messages, matching the style you want to write your replies in. You can set it up to be polite, formal, or casual, depending on your preferred tone. 

    You can also use AI for crafting your messages and ensuring that there are no typos, grammatical errors, or awkward tones included in there. 


    • Team plan: $29/month/agent, billed annually or $34 month-to-month

    HelpDesk solution

    5. Gorgias - AI-Driven Support for E-commerce Excellence

    Gorgias also has an AI feature that includes many beneficial functions that make the support teams’ jobs easier. 

    There is an option to send automated responses to questions coming from customers, close spam tickets, where AI detects if the message is spam, notification, promotion, or newsletter, close the ticket automatically, and recommend articles for customers’ incoming issues. 

    It also has the ability to prioritize tickets based on the severity of the issue and the tone of the customers contacting, assign tickets to the responsible agents, and provide recommendations for relevant Macros when you are writing your replies. 

    In addition, it can add different tags to the tickets based on the contact reason and provide reports on the AI usage of customers. 


    • Basic: $50/month: 300 tickets
    • Pro: $300/month: 2000 tickets
    • Advanced: $750/month: 5000 tickets
    • Enterprise: custom pricing with custom ticket volume

    Gorgias Help Desk Solution

    6. Tidio - Affordable AI Solutions for Small and Medium Businesses

    Tidio also has an omnichannel inbox, collecting all incoming messages from email, live chat, social media, and more. 

    As for the AI solutions, Tidio aims to provide these intelligent services at an affordable price, making sure that small and medium-sized businesses can take advantage of them. 

    Lyro, their AI-powered chatbot is claimed to be able to answer 70% of incoming messages with automated, human-like conversations and personalized support. 

    It can also help agents craft messages without any grammatical or spelling errors with the use of GPT 3.5 technology implemented in the conversations. 

    They also offer a Smart Views function, where specific conversations are analyzed and organized based on customer intent, making sure it is easy for agents to find the different issues and prioritize them accordingly. 

    Tidio also offers other help desk solutions such as routing, turning chats into tickets, and performance analyzing. 


    • Free: 0 EUR/month
    • Starter: 29 EUR/month
    • Growth: 59 EUR/month
    • Tidio+: 398 EUR/month

    Tidio Help Desk solution

    7. ServiceDesk Plus - Automating IT Help Desk Operations with AI

    ServiceDesk Plus can help you automate many processes within your workflow, making it more efficient for the agents to handle customer queries. 

    ServiceDesk Plus’ intelligent bots can instantly create tickets out of incoming customer messages and use machine learning algorithms to resolve issues that are common for the service. 

    The first time customers contact the business, they are contacted by the virtual agent, who can handle such common queries as password resets, network troubleshooting, and software installs. 

    Another great thing about the service is the analyzing capabilities, using predictive analytics to detect any issues before they might happen, or sentiment analysis, making sure that the customers are cared for, understood, and prioritized based on frustration levels. 


    • Standard: IT help desk, from $10/technician/month
    • Professional: IT help desk + asset, from $21/technician/month
    • Enterprise: IT help desk + asset + change + projects, from $50/technician/month

    ServiceDesk Plus help desk solution

    8. Richpanel - GPT-4 Powered Assistance for On-Brand Responses

    Richpanel has some great automated features that help agents have an organized and efficient workflow. 

    Richpanel’s Sidekick, their AI assistant powered by the technology of GPT 4, makes sure to analyze past conversations and provide suggestions and on-brand responses to speed up the resolution process. It is trained from the organization’s own data and only answers questions when it is sure about the response. 

    There is also an option to auto-clean the inbox. This allows you to automatically detect any spam letters, marketing, and transactional emails with the help of Spam Filter Bots. 

    Richpanel also offers Social Media Monitoring Bots that are able to analyze the comments on social media pages and find the ones that need responses, like product questions, purchase intents, or negative comments. 

    You can also automatically tag tickets based on keywords, channels, language, or order history, by creating different tagging rules. 


    • Base: $9/month for 3 users, billed monthly
    • Pro: $50/month per user, billed annually
    • Pro Max: $100/month per user, billed annually

    Richpanel help desk solution

    9. Help Scout - Simplifying Email Support with AI Summarization

    Help Scout has many AI features that make the job of customer support agents easier. The first one is the AI summarize feature that can give you an overview of email threads in just a couple of clicks, so they don’t have to spend their time comprehending the whole conversation again from time to time. 

    In addition, Help Scout’s AI assist then can help agents polish replies within just seconds, adjusting the tone, the length, and the spelling and grammar mistakes of the replies, and also translate the messages to many languages including Chinese, Dutch, English, Filipino, French, Korean, German, Indonesian, Italian, Japanese, Portuguese, Russian, Spanish, and Vietnamese. 

    Other features of the help desk solution include tagging conversations to see what might be urgent, and organizing incoming queries for efficient and tidy work organized by priority. 


    • Standard: $20/user/month 
    • Plus: $40/user/month
    • Pro: $65/user/month

    Help Scout help desk solution

    10. Yuma - Ticket Assistance with AI Insights

    Yuma gives such opportunities in relation to AI as it directly integrates with help desk software. Once a customer submits a ticket, Yuma’s AI Ticket Assistant instantly analyzes the problem and starts to craft the relevant solution. Once it is done, it creates a draft for the agent. 

    It can also learn from past conversations, analyzing the tone and the style of messages in order to be able to suggest responses that align with the brand’s image. 

    It can also automatically create a knowledge base and summarize entire conversations to better understand the communication between the customer and the agent. 


    • Starter+: $239/month, billed annually, 2000 billable tickets/month
    • Pro: $439/month, billed annually, 4000 billable tickets/month
    • Evolve: $639/month, billed annually, 6000 billable tickets/month
    • Enterprise: custom pricing, 6K+ billable tickets/month

    Yuma help desk solution


    In conclusion, the array of AI-powered help desk solutions available today offers a wide variety of features designed to streamline customer service operations and enhance the efficiency of support teams. From automating ticketing processes and providing AI-generated responses to analyzing customer sentiments and prioritizing inquiries, these solutions embody the technology's role in improving the customer support experience.  

    We’ve done the comparison, now, it’s your turn to choose. 

    Csilla Fehér
     Csilla Fehér
    Public Relations and SaaS Enthusiast PR Coordinator at SAAS First
    Your go-to source for SaaS insights-eager to network with SaaS leaders and fellow wordsmiths!

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