How to Resolve Incoming Customer Questions for Only $0.49? 

What if I told you it’s possible to resolve your customers' issues without you doing anything, (or just clicking a couple of buttons), in seconds, and for only $0.49? You would be shocked, right? 


It was indeed shocking for me too when I first saw how Milly, the AI-powered chatbot was in the works of answering messages coming from our customers, or crafting whole emails with just the knowledge it has, in only 10 seconds. 


The good news is that this solution is here, and it’s available for every business to use. Let’s see how it works and how you can take advantage of its capabilities. 



How Milly, the AI-powered Chatbot Works


First and foremost, the AI chatbot is available 24/7 without taking any breaks, ready to answer incoming messages in the chat. It answers in real-time, in just a couple of seconds, so your customers don’t have to wait for any agent to get to answering the messages manually. 


Milly, the AI chatbot, uses ChatPGT4, a new conversational AI technology. It supports multiple languages, automatically responding in the language used by the customer. This makes Milly accessible and user-friendly for people worldwide.


Once a customer wants to get in contact with your business, they have 2 options to choose from: 

  1. They can ask a question, and they will automatically be directed to Milly, who will give them an answer in seconds. If it doesn’t know the answer to the question, it will automatically transfer the conversation to a live agent who can better manage the communication. 
  2. They can report an issue, where Milly will automatically inform them that their issue is being handled, give the customers a ticket number, and transfer the conversation to a live agent who can solve the issue. 


This workflow ensures that all conversations are handled efficiently and with the right help customers need. 



Training Milly for the Most Accurate Answers


One of the most outstanding features of Milly is that it can be trained. That’s right, you can train it like a great employee to be the best worker in your team. There are multiple ways you can make Milly a better assistant: 


  1. The best and most effective way to do so is by creating a Help Center that is full of informative articles on the products or services you offer. Milly learns from these articles, which will act as its knowledge base when answering questions. The knowledge base is updated in real-time every time you revise your articles. 
  2. You can crawl external websites or resources for Milly to learn more about your services. 
  3. You can also create custom snippets where you add any special knowledge that is required for answering customers more effectively. 
  4. Plus, we have a Train Milly section. This place is especially useful if you want to test the chatbot to see what kind of answers it gives to specific questions. If you are not satisfied with the answer, you can directly edit the Help Center article or custom snippet or re-crawl external resources. 


Training Milly is extremely easy and the results are amazing. Believe me, it’s truly satisfying when you see how quickly and how accurately it can respond to messages based on the knowledge you provide it with. 



Answering Emails with AI in 10 Seconds


AI chatbots are quite popular right now, we all know that. What is different about SAAS First’s Milly is that it can not only answer chat messages but every type of message coming from different channels, WhatsApp messages, SMS messages, chat messages, Facebook Pages messages, and emails. 


The Reply with Milly function can also work when the chatbot is turned off. Here’s how it can answer emails for you


  1. It detects every question or query that demands attention.
  2. Then, it dives into the knowledge base and gathers answers to these raised points.
  3. It writes the answer in a cohesive and well-written email. 
  4. The response is crafted according to your preset preferences, ensuring it matches your brand's tone and style.
  5. Plus, it can incorporate any extra information you've provided, adding a personal touch to the reply.

You don't have to worry about typos or language barriers. You can simply put your raw thoughts or notes in there and these rough notes are transformed into well-structured, brand-aligned messages, ready to be sent to your customers. 


The coolest part is that you are in complete control of the answers while doing the most minimal work when writing emails with AI



Resolving Conversations for Only $0.49


If the above-mentioned features weren’t enough, I can tell you something that will definitely leave you amazed about this solution, and that is the pricing. As you can read from the title, it costs only $0.49 to resolve customer questions. 


First, we have to establish what we consider a resolved conversation. It is when:

  • A customer expresses that they don’t have any further questions
  • Or when they don’t reply to the message within 2 hours. 


Within one conversation, if the customer has multiple questions, and Milly can answer every single one of them and the user doesn’t have further questions, it costs only $0.49. But, if there are any questions that Milly couldn’t answer, we don’t charge you anything, even if some questions were answered successfully by Milly previously. Plus, if the customer says that they want to speak to a live agent and the conversation is transferred to someone, we don’t charge for that either. 


As for the Reply with Milly function, one AI solution also costs only $0.49, but only if you accept what Milly has written in the message.


Basically, we’ve created a pricing that is so cost-effective that it only charges you if the conversation is fully resolved, and you don’t have to do anything for that. That is the most wallet-friendly solution you can find in customer support. 





In summary, Milly can be your greatest assistant in customer service. 

  • Available 24/7 and fluent in multiple languages
  • Promptly addresses customer queries at the low cost of just $0.49 per resolved conversation. 
  • Can learn and adapt 
  • Ensures high-quality, personalized responses. 


This cost-effective solution represents a smart, modern approach to customer service, which is an easier and more efficient solution for businesses of all sizes.

Csilla Fehér
Csilla Fehér
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