SAAS First Vision and Values

Hey there! I am Tamás Hám-Szabó, an old hand in the SaaS industry with over 11 years of experience. My passion for creating product-led SaaS solutions that truly make a difference led me to wear many hats - from a self-taught developer and marketer to wearing the CEO's.


Looking at my journey, it might seem like it's all code and strategy, but it's much more. It's about appreciation for the challenge, the thrill of watching ideas take shape, and ultimately, about making a difference in businesses globally. 


If making your SaaS business grow gets your heart racing too, you're at the right place! 


So, what makes SAAS First tick? Let's dive in to understand our vision and values that have you, the customers, at their heart.


SAAS First Vision


Not Just Software Development, but Customer Success


At SAAS First, we believe in creating a great product that drives sales as opposed to selling a low-key solution with a large sales team. For us, software development is more than building a great program. It's a constant tune to the rhythm of our customers' heartbeat, updating and refining based on their needs. 


We're not just in the business of selling a one-off product. Our real business is nurturing your success by providing a persistent service. This is what separates SAAS First from mere software development. 


Our solution isn't a stagnant product but a living organism adapting to the complex and evolving needs of your business. With us, you're not just buying a tool. You're joining a partnership dedicated to your growth, streamlining your operations, and boosting your data-driven decision-making capabilities. 


We're your allies in the journey of becoming the number-one choice for your clients. So, what's the impetus behind our philosophy? Let's learn about it in our vision statement.


SAAS First’s Vision Statement


Let's glance at what lights our way forward. At SAAS First, we see ourselves as the beacon leading SMB SaaS companies to success. 


Our vision is clear and succinct - to be your first choice for customer engagement. 


How do we plan to do it? By leveraging the underutilized power of data and AI, and by offering a comprehensive solution that simplifies and unifies. We're committed to helping you make evidence-based decisions that streamline your operations. 


And why stop there? We're all about helping you supercharge your growth by maintaining transparency and trust, which are paramount. 


In essence, SAAS First envisages a world where small and medium SaaS enterprises aren't caught up in chasing different platforms for different needs. Instead, they have a reliable, all-in-one platform that works day and night for them - Welcome to SAAS First! Now, let's unfold the core values guiding us.


The Core Values Driving SAAS First


Steering SAAS First's ship are not the winds of short-term trends but our deeply embedded values ​​focused on our customers. 


  • Open Communication is our first mate - fostering honesty about our capabilities, maintaining channels for easy reach, and giving room for authentic conversations. 
  • Then comes our friend Approachability. Our support goes beyond troubleshooting, reaching for an understanding of your unique challenges, and partnering up for success. 
  • We have your back! Just as our value of Flexibility keeps us adaptive to changing market trends. We trust in continued improvement because we know a SaaS isn't ever "finished." 
  • We're a People-Focused team that’s all about exceeding your expectations and building lasting connections. 
  • And lastly, we're driven by Respect – offering transparent pricing, safeguarding privacy, and simple solutions, keeping uncertain upsells at bay. 


Our fuel? Efficiency and effectiveness. Now, let's explore our offerings aligned with these values.

Products and Services Offered by SAAS First


At SAAS First, it’s all about delivering a unified and all-encompassing experience to you. Our crown jewel is our AI & Data-Driven Customer Engagement Platform, designed to resolve up to 70% of your customer conversations! 


Amped up with real AI, our platform is dedicated to making your chats feel authentic, innovative, and effective. It's not about chucking tech jargon at you. It's about serving up meaningful conversations and creating real impact. 


We offer most of our services under transparent and fair pricing, ensuring unlimited access for your team members and customers while keeping it as affordable as possible. 


With our AI-Driven Customer Support, you get to help your customers instantly and smartly, anytime! 


Our offerings also include a customizable customer management system for swift, seamless customer interactions and effective email marketing, all in one easy-to-use place. 


So, why trust us with your SaaS? Let’s sum up.


Summary and Why Trust in SAAS First


SAAS First, helmed by an industry veteran, is more than a software solution. It's a customer-focused journey towards growth and success. With a vision committed to empowering SMB SaaS companies and values rooted in respect, efficiency, and improvement, trusting us simplifies your path to earning customer trust.

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