CRM, where Contacts, Businesses & Events Data Lives

Discover SAAS First’s streamlined data management, a dynamic Customer Relationship Management (CRM) system designed to ease your business operations. Our CRM, encompassing Contacts, Businesses, and Events, offers a platform for storing unlimited customer data, fostering personalized customer engagement, and enabling data-driven decision-making. 




SAAS First is your ultimate solution for efficient data-driven decision-making, enhanced customer engagement & retention, streamlined operations, and personalized user experience. Our cost-effective plans, coupled with extensive customization options, make us an ideal choice for businesses seeking to innovate their communication management strategies.



Benefits of CRM


1. Take Your Operations to The Next Level and Boost Your Engagement and Retention


Our CRM allows you to store unlimited customer data across three interconnected modules - Contacts (for individuals' static information), Businesses (for companies' static details), and Events (representing unique actions). This comprehensive approach ensures all relevant information is at your fingertips when needed. 


You can filter contacts based on any of their related data. This offers you the chance to create highly personalized marketing campaigns. You can target contacts who match the filter options either today or anytime in the future.

2. Make Data-Driven Decisions and Customize According To Your Needs


You have access to a huge amount of contact-related event data collected by SAAS First. This large set of information provides rich insights for making informed business decisions.


Our CRM offers numerous customization options, including creating an unlimited number of custom event types with custom parameters as well as saving complex filters for later use. The decision about what kind of data you want to use based on your requirements is in your hands. 

3. Provide Innovative Approaches To Communication Management


Our CRM integrates seamlessly with other modules like the Omnichannel Inbox and Marketing module, allowing for a comprehensive view of all customer interactions across different channels. You can simplify your communication management and enhance your overall operation. 



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Key Features


You can add unlimited data to each of your contacts and businesses. We store customer data in three different but strongly related modules. This means that our CRM consists of three modules:


  1. Contacts: Here, we store people’s static data. Think of data like the person who visits your website and takes any action. 
  2. Businesses: We store the company's static data here. For example, their billing details. 
  3. Events: This means any data related to a contact, business, or both representing a unique event. These can include such events as: Creating an account, Logging in, Making a purchase, Uploading a file, or Changing settings.


You can also add unlimited event types based on your business requirements. Plus, you can also add unlimited numbers of data to each of these types, meaning that you can log, for example, an unlimited number of login data. 


In addition, you can keep an unlimited number of contacts and/or businesses in your CRM with SAAS First without any extra charge. With is one exception. You will be charged for your contacts if you use SAAS First for your email marketing. 


You can filter your contacts, businesses, or events: 


  • Based on ANY of their data or related data (related contacts, business events, etc.). Here is just an example of this: You can filter the contacts based on an event. E.g. List all contacts (Contact) who logged in (Event) yesterday.
  • You can also create AND and OR connections in your queries.
  • You can create complex filtering options and save them for later use. 

You can also target the contact that matches any filters within the Marketing Module. 


  • One-time or fixed campaigns: You can target contacts who match the filter options today
  • Dynamic campaign:  You can target contacts who match the filter options today or anytime in the future. 


You can record any data in the CRM, which means you can add contacts, businesses, or events:


  • Through the chat: We automatically collect several data points, such as IP or visited pages. If you send us any customer data (contacts, businesses, or events) through the chat, it will automatically update the contact or business and record the event.
  • One by one: You can do that on the website, or you can also do that via API.
  • You also have the option to upload data in bulk.

Customization & Implementation


You can create an unlimited number of contacts, businesses, and event types and record an unlimited number of events. Contacts and businesses can have an unlimited number of “columns,” meaning you can store unlimited data fields per contact or business.


You can create custom event types with custom data parameters depending on the type of actions you want to track for your business needs. You have the option to save filters for future use to save you time. Our system also allows you to filter data in the Marketing module to create targeted marketing campaigns. 

Availability & Pricing


The CRM modules represent the core of SAAS First. The CRM, including contacts, business, and events, are available in all plans, including the free Startup plan. 

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Internal & External Integrations


Since the SAAS First CRM is the base of all data in SAAS First, it links to other modules fundamentally. 


  • In the Inbox module, you can see your contact's incoming messages; for each conversation, you can access the relevant contact’s data. 
  • In the Marketing module, you can filter based on any contact, business, or event data and hyper-target your audience in email, chat, or popup campaigns for personalized marketing. Plus, any campaign data, such as an unsubscribe action, can link to your CRM. 
  • In the Help Center module, your contacts can leave feedback on your articles; in the visitor history, you can see which articles visited.

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