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In email marketing, maintaining a clean and engaged subscriber list is crucial for success. That's why SAAS First offers a powerful free email verification service, included in our growing and advanced plans. With this service, you can protect your email reputation and account by reducing hard bounce rates and ensuring that you're sending messages only to valid recipients.


We've partnered with MillionVerifier, a leading email verification platform, to implement advanced technology that automatically unsubscribes bad emails from your lists. These bad emails include invalid addresses, such as expired, misspelt, or deleted accounts, as well as disposable addresses that are designed to misuse free access.



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Whenever a new contact is added to your SAAS First account, our email verification system instantly checks the validity of their email address before you send them any emails. This ensures that your messages reach real and active recipients, enhancing the effectiveness of your campaigns.


But our email verification service goes beyond just removing bad emails. We also offer a solution to unsubscribe non-engaging customers, those who haven't opened, clicked, or replied to any of your emails in the past three months. By removing these non-engaging recipients, you can optimize your campaigns and improve overall email marketing performance.


What sets SAAS First's email verification apart is its reliability and convenience. Our verification process is 100% accurate, giving you peace of mind that your emails are reaching the intended recipients. Plus, with SAAS First, you don't have to pay extra for email verification.

When you subscribe to one of our plans, you get email marketing, email verification, and a range of other features such as an AI-driven chatbot, help center, live chat, and more, all at a price lower than the average email marketing tool.



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Our automated email verification runs every time a contact is added to your account and performs a comprehensive check on your entire email list every week. This ensures that your lists are always clean, up-to-date, and optimized for successful email marketing campaigns.

Don't compromise your email marketing success by neglecting the importance of email verification. Choose SAAS First's free email verification service to enhance your deliverability, protect your reputation, and maximize the impact of your email campaigns. Sign up for one of our plans today and experience the power of reliable email verification combined with comprehensive marketing capabilities.

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