Introducing Your Own Artificial Data Analyst Creating Reports in 20 Seconds

We are excited to announce our new technology, which can analyze business data using Intelligent Queries. The demo for the new module is coming on June 18th! 


The module was inspired by the idea that all online businesses have a large dataset about their customers, whether demographical or behavioral. These businesses wish to know more about their customers, what they do, how they behave, and what their needs might be. Data analysis is an indispensable part of any product; however, it can be a task demanding expertise and a time-consuming process. This is exactly what we wanted to simplify for you. 


As mentioned above, with the help of Intelligent Queries, the module allows you to ask any question about your customers and get the reports within seconds with artificial intelligence assistance. Let’s see why Intelligent Queries is so outstanding among other data analytics tools. 


IQ data analyst demo


User-Friendly Interface for Analyzing Your Data 


We are creating the demo to serve everyone, including those who might not be familiar with traditional data analytics practices. We collect and store data safely, analyze it with AI, and give you reports on that, all while explaining the charts as well.


Along with an extremely easy and intuitive way of using statistics, you can also have a mobile-friendly interface. This means that everything you need to know about your customers is just in your pocket, ready to be used whenever you need it. You can check out your current data and ask what just came to your mind within seconds. 


Its main advantage is convenience. That’s true for the usage, the platform, and the accessibility as well. 



Storing Your Data for Real-Time Data Analysis


In the demo, you’ll see how we store the data of an imaginary SaaS company. Unlike others, we don’t just create reports for you; we also store data about your customers


With the help of tracking events, you can store your customers’ information in the Customers Module, including their demographics, most important data, and all of their interactions with your business. SAAS First allows you to keep an eye on every customer activity in the form of events. This will allow you to analyze customer behaviors, user journeys, and experiences with your product or service. 


What is more, storing the data will allow us to provide you with real-time analytics. As the process of storing the data is automatic, all of the information is available for you at any time, and we can easily create reports and charts for you based on the concurrent events happening in your business. There is no need to export and analyze; everything is there for you instantly. 



Easy and Fast Process for Instant Analytical Results


You might be familiar with writing SQL queries or Spreadsheets functions. In these methods, you have to manually select the different fields you want to include or write an entire query if you want to get valuable information from a large dataset. This can easily take several hours, and the result is one single report based on historical data. 


With us, this process is much easier and faster. Artificial Intelligence lets us write your query in just a couple of seconds and creates a chart in the best form for every query individually. 


There’s no need to spend hours on end writing queries anymore. The query is written for you with AI in seconds, and the results are all based on real-time data. 



Your Data is Secure with Us


We take data security as seriously as possible. We all know that giving your data to a tool to analyze it comes with a risk at all times, which is why we make sure not to include anyone else in the process. 


We want to make it clear that while AI assists in data analysis, we do not share your business data with AI. It is only stored within our system and shared with no one but your team. You don’t have to worry about data security, as we guarantee data protection, privacy, and confidentiality. 



Try Our Demo Soon 


Our demo is launching on June 18th, allowing you to try out how data analytics with Intelligent Queries works. 


We are beyond excited for you to see the magic happening in front of you. If you are as excited as we are, subscribe to our newsletter and get notified once the demo is live! 


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