The Top 4 Benefits of an Up-to-Date Knowledge Base for Your Business

A modern, up-to-date knowledge base is undeniably one of the most fundamental parts of a business, that is for sure. 


It’s a collection of all the information that people need to know about a service or product, including the customers and also the employees of the particular company. It’s like an online library that they can browse through if they have any questions about something concerning the firm. 


There are numerous benefits of a constantly updated knowledge base, both from the perspective of customers and the company as well. Let’s see these benefits one by one. 


Up-to-date knowledge base benefits


Learning Base for AI Chatbots


Many businesses consider using AI-powered chatbots in their customer service, which is definitely a great move towards a modern support system that keeps up with the expectations of customers. However, it can be quite a challenge to train the chatbot to answer questions with the right answers, as accurately as possible. 


One of the best ways to train an AI chatbot is by having an extensive knowledge base full of helpful and informative articles that it can learn from. Once you have those, it becomes effortless to train the bot. 


If there is something that the chatbot cannot answer, you can turn back to your knowledge base and add the necessary information to the articles so that the bot can find it. This way, answers get improved, and your knowledge base gets better and better each time you update it. 



Self-Service Option for Customers 


Naturally, an up-to-date knowledge base is a huge advantage from the customers’ point of view. Whenever they have questions or are unsure about using the product or service, they can search for the answers themselves. 


A study by Harvard Business Review found that 81% of customers attempt to resolve their issues on their own before they try contacting the customer service team. This means that you have to provide a platform for almost all of your customers where they can find information to meet their needs. 


What is more, unlike a customer support agent, a knowledge base is there all the time, available 24/7, enabling customers to find answers any time they want globally without any waiting times. 



Better Search Engine Optimization with Keywords in the Knowledge Base


Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is an intricate practice that requires extensive knowledge and investment both financially and practically. 


However, if you have a knowledge base that is full of relevant keywords on your topic, it can help you rank in Google search results better. So when customers are searching for something about your business, the results in the search engine will appear at the top of the list, making it easily accessible for them. 


It makes it a trustworthy source of information for the customers, and it’s also great for the business. Good SEO will always drive more organic traffic to your website, which is an invaluable utility for your company. 


Some people might search for a solution to their problem and bump into your knowledge base. They find the information they need and get hooked on your product or service. This can even drive you more new customers, which is always a great benefit. 



Training Employees and Reserving Company Knowledge


An up-to-date knowledge base is a huge benefit for the employees as well. First of all, it plays an important role in the training of new employees. If you have a great knowledge base, you already have the resources you need to pass on to the workers. 


Every piece of information is documented there, so it’s easy to learn from. Also, whenever in doubt, less experienced, newly hired employees can revisit the knowledge base and search for relevant data on how your company works. 


Secondly, it’s not just great for new employees, but the ones who have been working for your company for a long time as well. A searchable knowledge base can increase the productivity of workers by 35% according to a report by the McKinsey Global Institute. It saves them a huge amount of time when searching for company information. 


Thirdly, a knowledge base acts as a comprehensive and cohesive set of documented data. The knowledge is accessible to everyone, which ensures there is no misunderstanding in the company’s working. It creates an organized and collaborative work environment for everybody. 





In summary, an up-to-date knowledge base significantly enhances customer satisfaction by providing a self-service option, improves the efficiency of AI chatbots and employee productivity, and boosts your business's online visibility through better SEO. 


It serves as a critical resource for both customers and employees, ensuring that accurate, helpful information is always accessible. Make sure to continually update and refine your knowledge base to strengthen your company's connection with its audience. 

Csilla Fehér
Csilla Fehér
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