How to Write Unique Articles with AI? Conduct Interviews

We’ve talked about how to create content with AI in several articles now, so you may be familiar with the idea that as long as you create original and unique content, it is completely okay to use AI for the writing part. 


However, what is more important than the actual writing is the preparation before that. And let me just tell you the shocking truth: that work is hard. But it’s worth it in the end. 


But what am I talking about exactly? Well, in order to be able to write content with AI, you have to have a lot of collected information at your hand. Information that is unique, that is outstanding, and preferably cannot be found anywhere else. It may sound impossible to gather such data, but it’s not. All you have to do is talk to people. Get to know their experiences, their insights, something that they are willing to share with the world. You can collect this kind of information through interviews


Whether you are an expert on the topic you are writing about or not, it’s always good to include what others think about the subject. This way, you have something that AI will never be able to write about on its own: human experiences. 


Writing Articles with AI and Conducting Interviews


Types of Interviews


You can approach an interview from different angles depending on the type of article you are planning to write. I’ve gathered some ideas for you to use and choose from, and I’ll let you decide which one is the best for you: 


One way to approach this is by having one single question asked to many people.

  • You can reach out to these people on social media, or via email, and ask them to answer one simple question for your article. Usually, it’s easier to do this, as people have less time for such obligations outside of their work.
  • However, answering one question doesn’t take much time, and they can quickly type their answers and send them to you.
  • Plus, this allows you to include many insights from different experts on the topic, maybe from different perspectives, which enriches your content and makes it more colorful. 


Another way to do the interview is by asking a couple of questions, preferably 3-4 to only a few people.

  • I recommend only including the answers of 2 or a maximum of 3 people in this case, as you don’t want your article to be too lengthy, and you also want to have your own perspective in it.
  • This approach allows you to conduct a more thorough interview, but you can still ask your questions in writing and people can answer you back.
  • You can dive deeper into the topic, and share more information from your interviewees. 


Finally, the last interview type to discuss is the traditional one, where you have one person that you preferably meet in person or via a call, and you ask them several questions in relation to the topic.

  • This might be the hardest to conduct and organize.
  • However, this is where you can gain the deepest understanding and insights, where you can discuss the subject one-on-one, and where you have the opportunity to have a less rigid and more flexible conversation with an expert. 



Preparing for the Interview


This is the part where you prepare for the preparation. You get everything set for getting the information you need for your article. 


First of all, you have to have a topic. Once you decide what you want to write about, you have to do some research. The amount of research you need to do depends on how much of an expert you are on the subject. The main thing is to have a great understanding of whatever you choose to have the article on. 


Form some questions that might arise during the research process. There might be some gaps, something that is not discussed enough, or something that you think lacks evidence. 


Once you are familiar with the subject, decide who you want to interview. Choose people in the same industry, or same expertise, preferably in an established role within a company. 


Then, prepare your questions. Here, I advise you to focus on their personal stance. Ask about their opinion. Encourage them to share their experience on the topic. Ask them whether they have any unpublished data that might be interesting in relation to the subject. The most important guideline to keep in mind is to center the conversation around the person, their knowledge, and encounters. This is what will make the article stand out where you can share information that is not available anywhere else. 



Tips for Including the Content of the Interview


There is so much information passed from one person to another during an interview, especially if it’s in person or during a call, that it’s nearly impossible to catch every little detail. So my first advice would be to record the conversation, obviously asking for consent of the interviewee before starting it. This way, you can listen back to the whole interview and fill in any blank spots you have missed while taking notes. 


Secondly, have an outline in front of you of the article you planned. Any comment an interviewee makes can be put to the specific points in the outline, making it easier for you in the writing process to include their thoughts within your content. 


When you have a one-on-one conversation with someone, use your predefined questions as guidance, but feel free to ask more questions as go. Keep the conversation smooth and flowing, pitching in if there’s anything interesting that came up you didn’t plan for. 


Next, make sure you quote correctly and precisely. That might sound obvious but it’s truly important. If the interview is not in a written format, use the recording to double-check the quotes. 


And lastly, craft a prompt that is precise if you are using AI to write the article. Ensure that you give AI the necessary information, use quotation marks when you want to include quotes and ask directly if you want something to be included in your content. 





In conclusion, integrating AI with unique human insights can elevate your content to a whole new level. This blend will ensure that you stand out in a sea of AI-generated content. 


The process, though demanding, is very rewarding. It requires preparation, thoughtful interviewing, and careful integration of the insights into your AI-generated drafts. 


Remember, the key to creating unique articles is taking advantage of the irreplaceable human experience and perspective, something AI alone cannot replicate. Share your experiences – how will you make your next article stand out?

Csilla Fehér
Csilla Fehér
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