What is the Inbox?

What is and how to use SAAS First's Inbox?

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The Inbox Module serves as a unified inbox where you can manage and respond to incoming chat and email messages all in one place. All new messages will appear in the Open folder, and you can mark them as resolved once no further action is required. There's also a Milly folder, which displays messages that Milly, the AI-powered chatbot, is currently handling.

The Inbox is incredibly helpful in managing conversations, allowing you to keep a conversation open as long as necessary. By monitoring Milly's interactions, you can ensure satisfactory responses. Having a unified inbox for all incoming messages guarantees that every message is addressed and no customer is overlooked. When a logged-in customer messages you, their account details and history are visible, making it easier to provide a well-informed response.

Incoming Messages

All incoming messages from chat or email will arrive in your Inbox's open folder. All messages are displayed in a list on the left side of the Inbox. You will see some customer details, such as name or email address, if known, and a part of the message. To view the entire conversation, simply click on it, and the conversation will load in the middle of the screen. To receive incoming messages, you need to complete the following setup:

If you have activated Milly, the AI-powered chatbot, she will handle incoming chat messages first, and they will appear in the Milly folder. If Milly is unable to assist the customer, she will open the conversation for you. If she successfully helps the customer, she will mark the conversation as resolved.

Resolve or Re-open a Conversation

There are two ways to resolve an open conversation:

  1. When replying to a customer, you have two options: 'Send' and 'Send & Resolve'. The 'Send' option sends the message, while 'Send & Resolve' sends the message and marks the conversation as resolved.
  2. When a conversation is open, you can change the status from 'open' to 'resolved' in the top right corner.

There are two ways to reopen a resolved conversation:

  1. If a customer replies or you send a message to a resolved conversation, it will automatically reopen.
  2. When viewing a resolved conversation, you can change the status from 'resolved' to 'open' in the top left corner.

View Customer Details and History

For each conversation, you can view the customer's details. We automatically collect information such as location, browser, OS, etc. If you've enabled email address collection for visitors, you'll also see their email.

For logged-in customers, you can view any details passed through our chat. Learn more about adding customer data to the conversation here: https://saasfirst.com/help/inbox/add-customer-parameters-to-the-chat

Additionally, you can see the pages the customer visited on your website, which helps you better understand their inquiry and provide more effective assistance.

Reply to Incoming Messages

Whether the conversation is Open, Resolved, or being handled by Milly, you can still send a message to your customer. At the bottom of each conversation, you'll find a user-friendly editor with formatting options like bold, italic, underline, numbered and bullet lists, headings (h2 and h3), body text, and options to insert images, videos, links, or emojis.

Replying to emails and chat messages is handled slightly differently.

  • When you reply to incoming email messages, the response will be sent as an email automatically, but it will also be visible in the chat, increasing your open rates.
  • Replies to incoming chat messages are first sent only to the chat. If the customer's email address is known and they haven't seen the reply in the chat within 5 minutes, we'll send the message to their email as well.

You can also create Saved Replies to save time when handling customer queries. Learn more about Saved Replies here:

To send your message, you have two options:

  1. Click on "Send." This button will send the message but leave the conversation open.
  2. Click on "Send & Resolve." This button will send the message and mark the conversation as resolved.

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