Install Chat to Your Website

How can I install SAAS First's chat to my website?

Tamas Ham-Szabo Written by Tamas Ham-Szabo I

There are two types of chat you can install: 

  1. one for visitors who are not logged in to your application and we do not know who they are, 
  2. and the other for customers who are logged in and whose information we have. 

Installing Chat for Visitors 

For installing chat for visitors, you can easily copy and paste a short JavaScript code to your website's HTML code. You can find the code, including your workspace ID, in your Inbox settings:

Installing Chat for Logged-in Customers 

For installing chat for logged-in customers, it's better to add their details to the chat. You can find an example of JavaScript on the same page in your Inox settings:

However, chat for customers has additional requirements, such as validating data by submitting a user ID and a hash of the user ID for security: 

You can add any customer parameters to the chat, which will be stored in our CRM and can be used for targeting. Learn more about adding custom parameters to the chat by visiting our help category on this topic: 

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