Create an account on SAAS First

How can I create an account on SAAS First?

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Creating an account on SAAS First

You can create an account on SAAS First in just a minute, no credit card or any unnecessary information is required.

  1. Go to our registration page:
  2. Provide your name, email, and selected password.
  3. You can log in now with your email and password.

If you have been invited to a workspace, you will access it immediately. Alternatively, in the next step, you will create your first workspace.

Create your first workspace

If this is the first time you log in and haven't been invited to another workspace yet, you need to create your first one.

Workspaces are unique to your business. We recommend naming your workspace as your customers know your business. For example, we named our workspace "SAAS First".

You are also asked to provide the domain of your business. Your business's domain name is important as you can only install our chat on websites hosted on this domain or its subdomains. Similarly, you can only add incoming and outgoing email addresses from this domain.

As you are the one who created the workspace, you have permission to access and manage the entire account as long as your subscription allows you.

For any other workspace-related information, please visit our Workspace help category:

Getting Started

You can find our getting started guide here:

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