Getting Started with SAAS First

Complete guide how to setup your first SAAS First account.

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Welcome to SAAS First, software built by Tamas Ham-Szabo, with 11 years of experience in the SaaS industry.

Our platform includes essential tools for SaaS providers to manage their daily operations. In this getting started guide, we will cover the basic setup, including creating your account, installing chat on your website and web application, setting up incoming and outgoing emails, creating help articles in your help center, training Milly, our AI-powered chatbot, and managing your subscription.

For more detailed information on each module, visit their respective help categories.

#1: Creating your account

You can learn how to create your account and your first workspace by visiting:

#2: Installing the chat on your website and web application

To connect with your customers, SAAS First offers two options for installing chat on your website or web application.

  1. If customers are not logged in, you can use the following guide:
  2. However, if customers are logged in, you can automatically add their details to the chat to keep them updated in SAAS First. Follow this guide to add your customers' parameters to the chat:

#3: Setting up incoming and outgoing emails

You can set up and start responding to incoming emails in just a minute. To set up custom incoming emails, follow this guide:

#4: Creating help articles

Creating and maintaining a well-documented Help Center is critical in running a successful business. You can learn how to write a Help Center here:

#5: Training Milly, our AI-powered chatbot

You can improve Milly's answers to questions for better responses. You can find more information about how to train Milly here:

To set up Milly, follow this guideline:

#6: Starting your subscription

You can easily start your subscription in SAAS First by following this guide:

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