Milly - The AI-Powered Chatbot

Who is Milly and how does the first AI-powered chatbot work?

Tamas Ham-Szabo Written by Tamas Ham-Szabo I

Who is Milly?

Milly is a chatbot made by SAAS First using Open AI technology. She can learn from help centers or websites and give correct answers to customers' questions right away. Milly is the first chatbot to use generative AI to respond to customer questions

How does Milly work?

Milly learns very quickly. She works best with a detailed and up-to-date Help Center, but she can also get information from any website you give her. She can learn from 500 pages in just 30 minutes. After Milly knows everything from the resources you shared, she can answer customer questions immediately.

Beta version

Milly is publicly available but is currently in its beta phase, which means it's still being tested and improved. During the beta stage, users might encounter some issues or limitations as the developers work on refining Milly's features and fixing any bugs. This phase is important for gathering user feedback to improve further.

What is SAAS First?

SAAS First is a company that helps businesses grow by providing software solutions. We create easy-to-use tools to help with things like customer support, sales, and marketing. Our goal is to make sure businesses have the right technology to succeed.

Open AI integration

SAAS First uses Open AI technology to make a smart model, using fine-tuning, that understands customer questions and gives answers based on information from the help center or website you give. You can learn how we care for your data by checking our privacy policy.

Reducing hallucinations

Sometimes, AI might give a confident answer that doesn't really match what it learned from the data. This is called a hallucination or artificial hallucination. At SAAS First, we've trained our AI model to lower the chances of this happening.

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