How does Milly, the AI-powered chatbot work?

How does Milly, the AI-powered chatbot work?

Tamas Ham-Szabo Written by Tamas Ham-Szabo I

Milly, the AI-driven chatbot can address customer inquiries by utilizing your knowledge base. To ensure Milly works effectively, it's essential to have comprehensive and up-to-date help documentation in place before activating her.

How can Milly answer the questions?

Milly goes through the following process:

  1. She first reviews the entire knowledge base you've provided, learning best from your SAAS First Help Center, but is also able to crawl external websites.
  2. After reading your content, she breaks it down into concise snippets, which can be found in your Library.
  3. When a customer inquiry comes in, Milly analyzes the question and selects the most relevant snippets from the Library that might address the issue.
  4. Once she has identified the best snippets, she sends the question along with the relevant snippets to an OpenAI fine-tuned module to generate the response.

Which conversational AI version does Milly utilize?

SAAS First employs OpenAI's conversational AI API to address customer questions. Your plan determines the AI capabilities you have access to. For example, subscribers on the Growing plan have access to GPT 3.5, while those on the Advanced Business plan use GPT 4.

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