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Main Features of Email Marketing Module

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SAAS First's Email Marketing feature is an advantageous tool for businesses looking to communicate effectively with their existing customers. Available in our Advanced Plan, this feature allows users to launch targeted email campaigns, track their performance, and ensure high deliverability and engagement rates.


The email marketing module is included in our Advanced plan. When email marketing is enabled, users pay $10 for every 5,000 active customers.

Importing Contacts

Users can easily import their contacts from a CSV file into the system, streamlining the setup process.

Targeting the Right Audience

With our advanced hyper-targeting capabilities, users can filter their audience based on any data available in our CRM, ensuring that the right people are reached with every campaign.

Scheduling Messages

The feature allows users to schedule their messages to be sent at optimal times, ensuring maximum engagement.

Email Customization

Users can customize their emails by replacing any variable in your emails, allowing for a more personalized approach.

Launching Campaigns

Users can launch either one-time or dynamic campaigns, depending on their marketing needs.

Email Verification

Our free email verification service protects your account from unnecessary bounces by verifying all your customers every week and automatically unsubscribing bad emails.

Usage Limitations

Note that this feature is not available for cold email outreach; users can only utilize SAAS First email marketing to communicate with their existing customers.

Tracking and Reports

Users can easily track delivery, open, and click rates and can also export these reports for further analysis.

Creating Specific Triggers

Custom triggers can be created to send emails when customers take a specific action on your website, enhancing responsiveness.

Increasing Engagement Rates

If your customers can log into your website, such as a SaaS or webstore, they can view their emails in the chat as well, leading to increased open, CTR, and reply rates. This gives you a competitive edge to boost your engagement rates.

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