How to Connect WhatsApp Native with SAAS First

Get to know how you can connect WhatsApp Native with SAAS First's Inbox

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Connect and Setup

The first step you have to take to use SAAS First's WhatsApp integration is to create a Meta Developer Account here:

Once you created an account, log in, and click on "My Apps" at the top right corner. 

Here, please select "Create App". 

Then, click on "Other", and then "Next". 

Then, please fill out the necessary fields you see, then click on "Create App". 

On the "Dashboard", scroll down, and click on "Set up" under the WhatsApp option. 

If it is not done yet, please click on "Select a Meta Business Account", and then click on "Continue". 

On the left side of the page, find the "WhatsApp" option, and select "API Setup" under it. 

The next step is to scroll down to "Step 5: Add a phone number", where you have to enter the phone number you would like to use for your business, fill in the fields, and verify this phone number. 

Next, scroll down to "Step 6: Add payment method" and set it up according to your needs. You can find more information about Meta's pricing details here:

Scroll up on the page, and copy and paste your "Phone number ID" and "WhatsApp Business Account ID" to SAAS First's given fields. 

The next step is to set up a Permanent Access Token 

  • Find your Business Settings in your Meta account here:
  • Under the "Users" options, click on "System users" 
  • Click on "Add", give it a name, and make sure to set the "Role" to "Admin" 
  • Click on "Add/Assign objects"
  • Then, select the "Apps" option, and choose your freshly created app 
  • Make sure to check "Everything/App management", then click on "Save" 
  • After that, click on "Generate Token", set "App name", set "Token expiration" to "Never", and give "Permissions" "whatsapp_business_messaging" and "whatsapp_business_management", then click on "Generate". 

Once you are done with setting up a Permanent Access Token, copy and paste it into SAAS First's given fields. 

Then, fill out the "Verify Token" field. Here, you can enter anything you would like. 

Next, make sure to save the integration. 

The last step is to copy your "Webhook Endpoint" with the help of the copy button at the end of the field. 

  • Go back to the Facebook Developer WhatsApp module, and select "Configuration". 
  • Under the "Webhook" option, click on "Edit", then paste the copied URL to the "Callback URL" field, and insert the "Verify token" you saved to SAAS First. 
  • Click on "Verify and Save". If the window disappears, the webhook is verified. 
  • Click on the "Manage" option, and the "Webhook fields", and select "messages" and "mesasage_template_status_update". 
  • Click on "Done", and you a ready with your setup!


Please note that SAAS First's WhatsApp integration only supports text messages and currently, only User Initiated conversations are available. 

SAAS First allows you to maintain your WhatsApp Templates (create new, delete, or update them) and provides Pre-Defined ones to send them as soon as possible. 

24-hour Interval 

Please be aware that your customer support team has 24 hours to answer your customers' messages. If this is not possible, they have to use templates. Documentation on the 24-hour interval can be found here: and here:

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