How to Connect WhatsApp by Twilio with SAAS First 

Get to know how you can connect WhatsApp by Twilio with SAAS First's Inbox

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How to connect WhatsApp by Twilio 

To connect Twilio WhatsApp to SAAS First's Inbox, you have to add some additional information about your Twilio account. Please check our Privacy Policy and Terms of Service for further information on this. 

  • On the Console Page of Twilio, find your "Account SID", "Auth Token", and "My Twilio phone number" details
  • Copy and Paste these pieces of information into SAAS First's given fields 
  • Then. click on "Save"

How to set up WhatsApp by Twilio 

  • First, you have to copy your "Webhook "Endpoint" from SAAS First, which you can find in the Twilio WhatsApp Integration section 
  • Next, within the Twilio Console, find the "Senders" option under "Messaging", and click on "WhatsApp senders". If you do not have one yet, please create one. 
  • After that, click on the Sender's "WhatsApp number", and under "Endpoint configuration" select "Use webhooks" and insert your 'Webhook Endpoint' to all three fields ("Webhook URL for incoming messages", "Fallback URL for incoming messages", and "Status callback URL") Please be sure all the "Webhook method" URLs are set to "HTTP Post". 
  • After this. scroll down to the bottom of the page and select "Update WhatsApp Sender". 


SAAS First's Twilio WhatsApp Integration only supports text messages and currently only User Initiated conversations are available. 

SAAS First allows you to maintain your WhatsApp Templates (create new ones, delete, and update them) and also provides Pre-Defined ones to send as soon as possible. 

24-hour Interval 

Please note that your customer support team has 24 hours to answer your customers' incoming messages. If this is not possible, they have to use templates. For further information on the 24-hour interval, visit:,

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