How to Connect Facebook Pages to SAAS First

Get to know how you can connect Facebook Pages to SAAS First's Inobx

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How to Connect Facebook Pages 

The Facebook Pages Integration uses Oauth2.0 Login through Facebook Login for Business. 

The connect flow works as follows: 

  • Within SAAS First, click on the "Integrations" menu point on the left side. Here, you will find "Facebook Page", click on "Setup". 
  • By clicking on "Login", you will be redirected to the Facebook Login page, where you can enter the details of your Business account. 
  • If you successfully log in, you can select the Page(s) you want to connect to SAAS First's Inbox. Please make sure that you do not uncheck those Pages that you have already connected to SAAS First. 
  • If you selected the pages, you have to give permission to SAAS First to handle them. For further information on this, please see our Privacy Policy and Terms of Service
  • Once you are redirected to SAAS First's Facebook Page Integration, your connection is successful!

How to set up Facebook Pages

In case you connected only one page, the integration is ready to use. 

In case of multiple pages, some further steps are required. 

  1. In the "Workspace - Facebook Page" table, select the workspace you want to use the Facebook Page in. 
  2. Please note that if you have more pages than workspaces, you have to create new ones. 


SAAS First's Facebook Page Integration currently only supports text messages, which means you can neither receive nor send:

  • media files (audio, images, gifs, etc.)
  • reactions
  • emojis

SAAS First allows you to use multiple pages, but only in different workspaces. 

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