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How to create and edit Help Center articles on SAAS First?

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Write a new article

Double-click on the category name in the Help Center to start composing your article. Within a category, articles are organized into sections. Click "Add article" next to the desired section to create a new article. An editor will open, allowing you to write your article. Each article must have a title, description, content, and an editor. Once you're done editing, click "Save changes" to save your work. 

Avoid writing too short articles; aim for a minimum of 100 words to ensure they provide sufficient information and value to your readers.

Edit or delete an existing article

Double-click the title to edit a previously saved article to open the editor with the existing content. After making your desired changes, click "Save changes" to update the article.

To delete an article, click on its name; on the right side, click 'Delete Article.'

Organize your articles

You can easily rearrange articles within a section by clicking and dragging their titles to the desired position. Click on the article name to move an article between sections or categories. Then, change the parent category and parent section on the right side of the interface to the desired location.

Format your article

When composing or editing an article, you'll have access to a user-friendly WYSIWYG editor that offers various formatting options, including bold, italic, and underline, as well as numbered and bulleted lists. You can also format text as H2, H3, or body and insert images, videos, or links within the article.

Edit article settings

In the editor's bottom section and within the article settings on the right (by clicking on the article name), you'll find two toggles:

  1. Visibility: When enabled, the article will be visible in the Help Center if the article's parent category is also visible.
  2. Add to Milly: If the Help Center is activated in the Setup Milly section, all articles with this toggle enabled will be used to train Milly.

This allows you to display an article in the Help Center while excluding it from Milly's training.

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