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How to organize your articles in the Help Center?

Tamas Ham-Szabo Written by Tamas Ham-Szabo I

To maintain a well-organized Help Center, create categories and sections for your articles. Start by establishing distinct categories for each topic. To create a new category, click "Add new category" in your Help Center editor. This will help keep your Help Center structured and easy to navigate.

You can set up different features for each category by clicking on them and managing the actions on the right side:

  • By switching the context visibility toggle on, you can make your category appear in the Help Center.
  • Name each of your categories. 
  • Enter the Description for each category
  • Select an image for each category by clicking on the folder icon next to “Category img”.
  • Delete the Category by clicking on “Delete category.”
  • Click on "Save changes" to save any changes you made.

Double-click on the category name to start editing its content. Within a category, articles are organized into sections. 


Every category must have at least one section, but you can create as many as you like.

  • To create a new section, click on "Add new section" at the top.
  • To edit a section's name, click on the Edit icon beside its name.
  • To delete a section, click on the delete section button.
  • To rearrange sections, use the drag-and-drop icon (six dots) to move them as desired.
  • Sections without any articles will not be displayed in the Help Center.

To delete a section, ensure that you first move any articles you wish to keep to another section; otherwise, they will be removed along with the section being deleted.

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