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How to manage  your Help Center?

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You can find the Help Center Settings in the Help Center menu under categories. 

Activate Help Center

You can turn the Help Center on or off by toggling the "Activate help center" switch.

When the Help Center is deactivated, visitors won't be able to see it. If activated, it will be accessible via the Default Help Center URL found in the settings. Although you can modify the Default Help Center URL, setting up a custom help domain under your own domain is recommended to make it more recognizable to your visitors.

Google Analytics Tracking

Monitor your Help Center visitors by adding your Google Analytics tracking ID to your account. Please note that we only accept Measurement IDs from Google Analytics 4, as support for Universal Analytics has been discontinued by Google.

Set Up a Custom Help Center Domain

Give your Help Center a familiar look for your visitors by setting up a custom subdomain, such as By default, your Help Center is displayed on, followed by your workspace name. To maintain brand consistency, you may prefer to show your Help Center on a custom domain like

To setup a custom help center domain, you need to setup a CNAME and enter your domain name in your settings.


In your domain's DNS provider, you need to set up a CNAME directing your visitors to SAAS First to this target:

  • host: e.g., help
  • value:

Here are a few examples of how to set up CNAME:

Bear in mind, in some cases, it can take up to 72 hours for DNS changes to take effect.

Save your help center URL in the settings.

Once you set up CNAME, please let us know your Help Center URL. You can enter your URL in your settings on this page:

When you set up CNAME correctly and save your URL in SAAS First's settings, your Help Center will appear in your custom domain, e.g.,

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